Oftentimes, when we think about supporting or improving our physical health and fitness, our thoughts turn to burning calories or building strength. And while these things are immensely important for long-term health, one aspect of health and fitness level that’s often overlooked is balance and stability.  

Balance and stability are hugely important to well-being. You might even say they’re literally part of its foundation. When balance is good, we’re able to perform daily tasks without a heightened fear of falls. And if you’re active, improving your stability can help you get more out of your physical activities. 

The following tips can help people of all ages improve their balance. 

1. Strengthen Your Core

Your core is your body’s middle area and includes your abdominal muscles, hips, upper legs, and lower back. As its name suggests, your core is central to all your movements. The stronger your core muscles, the better you’re able to move on your feet and stay upright. 

There are many exercises you can do that target your core. Crunches, planks, bridges, and other movements work those muscles to make them stronger and improve coordination. The Mayo Clinic has a helpful article with various core-strengthening exercises right here.

2. Do Balance Exercises

One of the best ways to improve your balance is simply to challenge it. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about walking a tightrope or taking up the unicycle. Challenging your balance is as simple as standing on one leg. Try it and you’ll see that keeping your balance requires almost every muscle in your body. 

Do these exercises daily. Start with a few repetitions of ten seconds per leg and work your way up, adding five to ten seconds. Know your limits and be careful, but if you want to take up the challenge, close your eyes. 

3. Take Up Yoga

Doing balance exercises is a great mini workout, but if you want to enjoy whole-body fitness that improves your stability, try yoga. It’s a terrific way to exercise your body gently and safely while strengthening your core, improving your posture, and ultimately sharpening your balance. 

And not only does yoga give you more confidence in your physical stability, but it’s also beneficial for many other aspects of your health and fitness. Mobility, flexibility, strength, and even stress levels are all known to improve when engaged in yoga. 

Improve Your Balance at the McKendree Metro Rec Plex 

Balance and stability are among the most important measures of our health and well-being and it’s worth being proactive about maintaining them. If you want to improve your balance or your overall wellness in general, we can help. We offer several group exercises classes — including yoga — that’ll make you feel more solid on your feet. And if you prefer a personal approach, our trainers are experienced in helping people of all ages and abilities.  

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