Benefits-of-Joining-a-Kids-Swim-Team-McKendree-Metro-RecPlexGetting your kids involved in swimming comes with a lot of benefits. If your child takes swim lessons and seems to enjoy it, they might like being on a swim team.

Here are a few of the benefits of joining a kids swim team:

1. Health and Fitness

One benefit of being on a swim team is getting regular physical activity. It can be a challenge for kids and adults to get the recommended daily amounts of exercise. But showing up to train with a swim team is a great solution that leads to many health and fitness benefits.

2. Year-Round Activity

Another benefit of joining a kids swim team is that swimming is a year-round activity. This means that kids have the opportunity to improve their skills continuously. And even in the winter, when the weather is too cold to get outside and burn off some energy, your child will be able to jump in the pool and do something they enjoy.

3. Mental Workout

Swimming is as much of a mental workout as it is a physical one. Being on a swim team means that your child will have a coach to guide them through drills that will engage the brain and improve their technique. They also get the added challenge and mental math of counting laps and keeping track of the sets in a particular swim workout.

4. Life Skills

By joining a swim team, your child will be able to learn valuable life skills. Swimming itself is an important life skill. But kids also learn character-building skills such as dedication, discipline, confidence, and resilience that they use in their swim training, as well as in daily life.

5. Competition

Joining a swim team adds an element of competition to your child’s swimming experience. In competition, swimmers can challenge themselves physically while learning to accept wins and losses. There is also some friendly competition on a swim team that teaches kids how to support and encourage their teammates.

The McKendree Metro RecPlex offers a variety of Aquatics programs, including the Seahawks swim team. The Seahawk’s core values are based on proper strokes, character development, attitude, hard work, and fun. For more information on The Seahawks, please call 618-670-6141.