Benefits-of-Working-Out-with-a-Buddy-McKendree-Metro-RecPlexThere are several benefits to working out with a group. But there is an additional level of support and encouragement that comes from recruiting a workout buddy or two to train with.

Here are a few of the benefits of working out with a buddy:

1. Laughter and Fun

One of the benefits of working out with a buddy is you’re more likely to have fun during your workout. No matter what the workout entails, you know you’ll have someone there to laugh and commiserate with. Even though a workout is challenging, sharing it with someone can make it something to look forward to and enjoy.

2. Motivation and Accountability

Another benefit of working out with a buddy is the increased motivation and accountability. No matter how driven and committed to your goals you might be, there are still going to be days where you’re just not motivated to get to the gym. On these days, your workout buddy can be just what you need to get out the door and show up for your planned workout.

3. Confidence and Courage

Having a workout buddy who understands your goals can be a great source of confidence and courage. Challenging yourself to try something new or go beyond what you’ve done in the past can be intimidating. But having a workout buddy who supports you and your goals can be the push you need to get to the next level.

4. Recognition of Results

A workout buddy also gives you someone to celebrate accomplishments – big or small. Even win something seemingly small happens, your buddy will be there to recognize that success and celebrate with you. And these moments of celebration go both ways! You’ll be there to share in your buddy’s success, as well.

5. Empathy and Understanding

No matter how supportive your friends are, they may not want to always listen to you talk about your last workout. But your workout buddy more than understands what you’re going through. So you’ll always have a ready sounding board when needed, and they’ll be able to listen to you with empathy because they get it!

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