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for training & classes

The fitness center offers everything to meet your individual needs for training and fitness classes.

Our state of the art cardio area features the latest in equipment ranging from treadmills, ellipitcals, stationary bikes, stairmills and more. Our weight room features the latest innovations in free weight training equipment and access to trainers to help assist you in achieving the highest level of fitness you desire.

In addition, the Fitness Center offers a wide variety of classes in the following areas:

Align & Define

This class is multifunctional in which it focuses half of the time on strength training, using weights, and the other half on mobility. Using foam rollers, balls and stretching increases your range of motion which will help your body realign and get into proper lifting positions.

Aqua Fitness

This is an invigorating, low-impact aquatic exercise class that will increase your cardiovascular endurance, while easy on your joints. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Aqua Strength

Tone and sculpt your body with no impact to your joints. This water workout is a blend of cardio and resistance training, and may incorporate resistance tools such as water weights and noodles. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Looking to take your cardio and strength to a new level? This non-stop intense class incorporates intervals, drills, plyometrics, agility and sheer will!


Stimulate all muscle groups and provide the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise with small group boxing conditioning and training. Meets 2x per week.

Cardio Kickboxing

A high intensity cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to increase your heart rate and burn calories. No gloves are required.

Chair Yoga

This gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support.

Circuit Strength

Rotate through a circuit style workout utilizing equipment such as dumbbells, medicine balls and kettle-bells for a total body burn.


Kick, punch, and strike your way to fitness in this high intensity cardiovascular workout. All levels welcome!

Cycle Strength

Add weights to your cycling routine for a complete workout in less than 1 hour.

Cycle Yoga

Improve your cardiovascular endurance during the cycling segment of class, then increase your flexibility and balance in the yoga portion.


Improve endurance, climb hills and sprint while riding to the beat. The motivating music and instructors will get you sweating for a challenging, customizable and breath taking ride.

Express Mobility

Increase your range of motion and flexibility by using foam rollers and stretching techniques.


Improve your overall flexibility and form while building muscle using a variety of equipment and techniques to improve your everyday functionality!


High Intensity Interval Training class that is constantly varied with functional movements that incorporate strength training, cardio, core work and flexibility. Weights, kettle-bells, medicine balls and body weight exercises will push you to your limits.


This complete, low impact, core and body conditioning method will strengthen and lengthen your muscles. The emphasis is on developing a strong core, body alignment and breathing.

Pilates Barre Fusion ©

This complete, low impact, core and body conditioning method will strengthen and lengthen your muscles. The emphasis is on developing a strong core, body alignment and breathing.

Prime Time

Improve strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance and coordination. Movements can be modified to accommodate all age groups and fitness levels. (Chairs will be available for use).
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