Lap Swimming

Come join us for this Members Only benefit! Lap Swimming is available seven days a week during most business hours. Please call the front desk for the most up to date schedule.

Swim Lessons

The McKendree Metro Rec Plex offers swim lessons all year round! Plex Swim is designed to prepare children for competitive swimming team. As a participant progresses, they begin at a very basic level of swimming, where they may only be able to swim a few yards of front crawl by themselves, to swimming full laps and learning all 4 of the strokes, as well as dives and flip turns. They will also gain a thorough understanding of the pool rules and water safety, such as safe diving depth or safety bobs. When a participant has passed level 6 of Plex Swim lessons, they are prepared for a competitive swimming team.

Private Swim Lessons – Coming Soon!

Seahawks Swim Club

The mission of the Seahawks swim team is to develop swimmers to the best of their ability, both physically and mentally.

This will be achieved through quality coaching in the pool and in the classroom. Developing and maintaining good stroke mechanics will be the focus of pool sessions which is vital to developing national and world-class swimmers. Equally important is the mental preparation and the character development of the swimmer. The team will use classroom time to teach and reinforce the lessons of hard work, perseverance, dedication, motivation, accountability, responsibility, team-unity and other characteristics needed to be a positive member of the team and the community.

The Seahawks is a Christian-based organization that will work to further God’s Kingdom through our actions as coaches and swimmers. We will compete fairly and base our decisions on the Biblical teachings of Jesus.

The Seahawks core values are based on proper strokes, character development, attitude, hard work, and fun.

For more information on The Seahawks, please call 618-670-6141.