Ice Programs

Member’s Skate

This open skate time is allotted for member skaters wanting to come out on the ice and casually skate for fun & exercise. Offered multiple times per week. Reserve online. Sign up now.

Public Skating

Open to all. Offered on weekends & holidays through-out the year. Check monthly calendar for dates & times

  • Prices:
  • $10 youth (17 & under)
  • $15 adult
  • Members no charge

Stick and Puck

  • 10 parent and child / 11-14 years old / 15+ years old
  • This time is allotted for member hockey players to practice individually, stick handling, skating and shooting. Reserve online.  

Required equipment for stick and puck

All Participants must wear a HECC Approved helmet, have their own hockey gloves, skates, stick and puck. There are no pieces of equipment available to borrow or loan.

Rules for stick and puck

  • Stick & Puck sessions are intended for skill development. These sessions are not for pick up hockey. There will be no scrimmages, games, one-on-ones, two-on-ones, etc
  • Must be respectful of others
  • Must wear helmet, gloves, and skates
  • Must have cage on helmet if under 18
  • Must have your own puck
  • Must be within age requirements
  • No physical play
  • All doors are to remain closed while pucks are on the ice
  • Parents are allowed with 10 & U but one adult per child
  • Must sign in at Concession

Required equipment for drop-in hockey

Drop IN Hockey is for people 17 years of age & Older. Full pads required which includes the following: HECC approved Helmet, hockey gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, pants, shin guards, skates and a stick. Cages are required for people 18 years of age and under. Cages are highly recommended for people over 18 years of age but not required. No checking, roughing around or aggressive play is permitted.

Rules for drop-in

1. *Must wear full hockey gear.
2. *Must have a cage on helmet if under 18.
3. Must be 17+ old as of today’s date.
4. No physical contact allowed (i.e. checking).
5. No fighting allowed.
6. Must sign in at the Pro Shop.
*The MetroRecPlex does not provide helmets, gloves, or cages for Stick & Puck or Drop-In

Figure Skating Freestyle Time

  • This time is allotted for member figure skating and advanced plex skaters wanting to practice figure skating skills or receive a private lesson. Monthly figure skating add-on must be purchased in order to access this ice time.

Skate Rentals

  • Skate rentals are available at the concession stand in both figure skates and hockey skates
  • Price: $5

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