Exercising is hard work — literally. So, if we are going to take the time to do it, let’s make sure that we are doing everything we can to get the results that help us achieve our goals. In this article, we are going to look at a few strategies you can and should put into place to make sure that the time and energy you are spending exercising is effective time well spent.

Be Consistent

There are a million ways to work out, if not more. Running, lifting weights, CrossFit — that does not even begin to cover the many, many options for partaking in physical activity. And research shows that even more important than how hard you go at it, is simply that you be consistent about it. In other words, frequency outweighs intensity, by a lot. So, whether you go light or heavy, just maintain your commitment to go.

Listen to Music

We’ve all seen the runners and weightlifters who have their headphones or earbuds in, and they are extremely focused on what they are doing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a drive? Well, you can, all you need to do is listen to music you enjoy. Music stimulates the area of the brain that controls movement, so it helps your body move efficiently. Some studies even suggest that listening to music can increase output by 15%.

Get Enough Sleep

Okay, so this one does not have much to do with what you do at the gym, but what you do before you get there to establish a good foundation of readiness for physical exertion — and that’s being well-rested. And it is not just about having the energy to workout (although, that is super important), but sleep is when your body rebuilds and recovers from exercise. If you are giving it at least six but preferably closer to eight hours of sleep every night, you are limiting your benefits. 

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