A man runs on a treadmill in a gym in front of some windowsNo matter how excited you are about joining a gym and getting in your next workout, at some point, your motivation will take a hit. This could be for several reasons. For example, you might’ve been attending more classes than usual, and your body (and mind) need a quick break. Maybe you’ve got some stressful things going on at work, and that stress is carrying over into other areas of your life. Or it could be that you wake up and you simply just don’t feel like working out.

If you’re not sure what’s going on or what’s affecting your motivation, here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you get back on track:

1. How much have you trained in the past week?

The stress of your workouts (as well as stress from your daily life) affects your motivation. If you don’t feel like training, look at how much you’ve already trained in the past week, as well as the intensity of that training. It could be that your body and mind need a rest or recovery day.

2. Will you feel any regrets if you don’t train?

If you do skip training, how will you feel later in the day? If your body needs the rest, you might feel relieved. But if you’re feeling a little tired or less excited to get to the gym, you might regret your decision to skip. Many times, if you commit to showing up and getting through a warm-up, you’ll forget that you had even considered not showing up.

3. How will not training affect your fitness goals?

Another question to ask yourself is how skipping a workout or two will affect your fitness goals. Remember why you set those goals and why your training is important to you. Sometimes reviewing the purpose behind your training is just what you need to overcome a lack of motivation.

4. What reasons (or excuses) for not training are bouncing around in your mind?

We all have excuses that pop up now and then for why we don’t want to train. Listen to the ones showing up in your mind and see if there is any validity to them. Are you just having a bad day that could get better if you still showed up for your workout or fitness class? Or is your mind trying to tell you that you might need a break? Listen to the chatter going on and do what’s right for your body, your goals, and your training.

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